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Performance Project--Fragments: Reconstructing History and Memory in East Asia

Project Scope: The scope of this project revolves around the issues of cultural memory while focusing on Korean reality as seen through the lens of history. Jazz was booming from the 20’s all the way to 40’s while the war was still going on in Asia. Through various elements, Fragments: Reconstructing History and Memory in East Asia, will interrogate both past and present while exploring possible futures for Asia and beyond as it raises questions whose answers may ultimately lie at the constantly shifting intersections of art, memory, and politics. This project aims to create a cross-cultural exchange with contemporary Korean and American artists and on an international recognized platform.

Over 20 million American soldiers died in World War II. World War II had an impact on the foundation and citizens of United States, China and many other countries in the world, similar to the cross-cultural social effects felt by Korean citizens during and after the war. 

First performance was carried out on May 19, 2016 at Paiknam Art Hall in Hanyang University, Seoul  with support from Faculty Center at Hanyang University.