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Spacial Drawing | 1

Spacial Drawing | 1

Like art itself, art practice needs time and process for its purpose. The purpose of making art for me is to engender ‘hope’ that intersects with and emerges during moments of people’s lives.

I tried to depict a past moment in my work. It is me who creates all those moments formally unrealized until something dramatic happens in my life. And I have felt for several months that I could actually create a situation to depict a current and immediate moment, as opposed to depicting a past moment. I made series of works about “moment”; these installations utilized masking tape and short video films. I started to divide public spaces with masking tape to represent Momentousness as a response to the space that I was in at that moment. This has been an extended experiment from my previous works which aimed to extend momentary intensity and render that experience retrievable for future audiences.

I was interested in creating a “moment” thorough my installation in specific spaces where I respond. These responses of moment relate to paradoxes between the surreal and the familiar. I wanted to create moments of presence, absence, and reflections on alterity. I like to share the moments with people through my encounters, facilitated by my art, within the parameters of the spaces.

I am creating a series of installations. First, I started at Columbia University, and then expanding the Project-Spatial Drawing to other Locations in New York City, and then to other cities around the world.